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Organic Cylindra Beet - HEIRLOOM - A uniquely-shaped 6” cylindrical beet with especially sweet flavor and a fine grain. While primarily a processing beet, it is a favorite with chefs due to uniform slices and ease of peeling. Popular at markets for its unique shape. (Beta vulgaris)

Days to maturity: 56 days

Organic Detroit Dark Red Beet - HEIRLOOM - Still a top notch variety, well-known for high-quality roots and strong tops comparable to leading hybrids. A standard type for the home garden or direct market sales. Uniform, 3” round roots are sweet and smooth. (Beta vulgaris)

Days to maturity: 55 days

Organic Early Wonder Beet - Roots are slightly flattened, semi-globe shaped with a smooth skin and solid flesh. Very sweet and tender. Great uniformity and interior quality. Early Wonder comes up very quickly - even in cool soil. The tops make very good early beet greens.

Days to maturity: 57 days

Organic Guardsmark Chioggia Beet - Candy-striped beet with alternating rings of dark red and white that are unique and beautiful, making this variety a popular choice for specialty markets. Increased uniformity and bolt tolerance. A new strain of the popular Italian heirloom, improved by Alf Christianson Seed Company. (Beta vulgaris)

Days to maturity: 60 days

Organic Touchstone Gold Beet - From the breeders of Red Ace F1 and Guardsmark Chioggia comes an improved golden beet. Touchstone Gold offers higher germination rates, more uniform round roots and less zoning than standard golden types. Solid green tops are long and attractive, and quickly shade out weeds. Vibrant golden yellow flesh retains its color when cooked and is sweet and more mild than red beets. Best germination occurs in warm temperatures. (Beta vulgaris)

Days to maturity: 55 days

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