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Bulk quantities are available for all amendments and fertilizers.  Contact us for details.

Spanish River Carbonatite

0.30-0.04-0.20 Volcanic Minerals Plus Spanish River Carbonitite is a naturally quarried agromineral fertilizer and soil amendment.  It contains a wide spectrum of minerals which are mined from an ancient volcanic deposit in Northern Ontario.

  • Extremely reactive - quick results
  • Complex mixture of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, trace elements, and rare earths
  • Organically approved

Available in: 4.54kg, 20kg

Easy Spread Top Dress

2-1-0.05 Easy-Spread Top Dress

Environmentally safe for your family and pets, it is 100% natural.  Top dressing is a food source for increased microbial activity which creates a healthier soil for your lawn.  It also increases drought tolerance by rapping nutrients and moisture in the root zone.

Easy-Spead differs from all other composts for it has 8% moisture compared to 40%-50%.  Compared to traditional top dressing products, we have also pelletized it for everyone's convenience.  A normal spreader is all you need.  

Available in: 10kg, 20kg

Sulphur - Organic 90%

Available in: 25kg

0-0-22 Sulpho Mag

Available in: 25kg

0-0-50 Sulphate of Potash

Available in: 25kg

6-20-11 Vegetable & Flowers

All purpose formulas for your vegetable and flower gardens.

Available in: 2kg, 10kg


Custom Fertilizers

6-3-1 Custom Blend 

Available in: 10kg, 20kg

10-6-4 Custom Blend

50% Slow release eco blend

Available in: 25kg

10-20-10 Custom Blend

A great starter

Available in: 25kg

18-0-6 Custom Blend

60% Slow release organic base

Available in: 25kg

26-6-12 Custom Blend
50% Slow release organic base

Available in: 25kg

Create Your Own Custom Blend

(available in large quantities only)

Contact us for details

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