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Organic Sweet Thai Basil - Lovely as a potted herb, an edible bedding plant or in floral arrangements. Sweet Thai has a clove-like licorice flavor with a hearty aroma that compliments the hot spicy flavors of Thai cuisine. Compact plants sport relatively small green leaves with dark purple stems and blossoms. Leaves are 2” long and plants reach 12-18” tall. 28M seeds/oz (Ocimum basilicum var americanum )

Days to maturity: 63 days

Organic Garlic Chives - Similar in most ways to regular chives but evinces a delicate garlic flavor. Plants grow more slowly than standard chives and are slightly less hardy. White, star-shaped flowers are long lasting, ornamentally beautiful and unlike any other blooms. Makes for a great addition to salads and a delicious addition to most dishes. Hardy perennial in zones 5-8. 6,250 seeds/oz (Allium tuberosum )

Days to maturity: 90 days

Organic Bouquet Dill - The most widely grown organic dill for fresh eating, flowers and seed heads. Bouquet is an early maturing variety, producing seed heads well ahead of others and right in time for summer pickles. Flowering umbels average 6” wide. Average height is 30”. 15M seeds/oz (Anthenum graveolens )

Days to maturity: 45-55 days leaf, 95 seed

Organic Italian Flat Leaf Parsley - Classic flat leaf variety for use either fresh or dried as a garnish or seasoning. Stems hold leaves upright for easy bunching. A very nutritious and tasty addition to meat or vegetable dishes, soups or even salads. 12,500 seeds/oz (Petroselinum crispum)

Days to maturity: 70 days

Organic Triple Curled Parsley - Triple curled leaves with an attractive dark green color. We heard about this parsley from several growers before seeing it in Frank Morton’s fields growing next to Moss Curled and Italian Flat Leaf. There we could really see the difference. Just when you thought there was no more room for curls! All on upright stems for easy, clean, and efficient harvesting. 14M seeds/oz (Petroselinum crispum)

Days to maturity: 75 days

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