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Liquid Fertilizers

Bulk quantities are available for all amendments and fertilizers.  Contact us for details.

AgriCal - 10% liquid calcium

  • Highly available, 100% water soluble calcium for strong cell structure, enhanced vegetative growth, and a boost in overall nitrogen uptake
  • An excellent substitute for lime, with a much quicker reaction time


Liquid Fish - Organic plant nutrient

  • A source of high value nutrients, enzymes, and amino acids
  • Stimulates biological activity in the soil to unlock your soil's natural mineral reserve
  • Unique processing methods preserve natural oils

1L, 4L

Liquid Fulvic - Organic Fulvic Acid
  • Similar, but more intense than humic acid
  • Humates are the only known substance in the soil with the ability to hold onto every other nutrient, preventing nutrient leeching

1L, 4L

Liquid Humates - 12% humic acid

  • Get more from your fertilizer investments
  • Natural chelators that hold onto nutrients and water in the soil
  • Raises your soil's cation exchange capacity
  • Can be used as a soil amendment, foliar spray, or as a fertilizer enhancer

1L, 4L

Molasses - Pure black strap from sugar cane

  • Provides an effective and available source of carbon energy, minerals, and trace minerals that feed and stimulate the growth of beneficial micro-organisms and nutrients in the soil
  • Nutrients are available for quick uptake because they are derived from a plant.

1L, 4L

Nutrilife Platform - Humus building inoculant 

  • An active and balanced blend of nine species, including mycorrizal fungi and trichoderma for nutrient boosting life in your soil
  • This blend also boosts phosphate and zinc availability and lifts calcium levels in plants


Sea-Crop - Ocean mineral concentrate

  • Naturally derived concentrate of ocean minerals widely used as bio-stimulant and to increase plant tolerance to stress
  • Presented in a highly available form to provide important enzyme co-factors that build resistance and immunity compounds


Seed Start

  • Produces dramatically enhanced early root growth
  • Provides nutritional, hormonal, and enzymal seed support that translates into improved health throughout the plant's life cycle
  • Like mother's milk for seeds


Shuttle Seven

  • Delivers high concentrations of seven micronutrients, supported by major elements, saponins, and fulvic acid which add a further growth-enhancing dimension to an exceptional liquid fertilizer
  • Powerful in enabling key plant functions that support production and quality


Soluble Humate

  • Improves nitrogen efficacy, helps complex phosphate, stabilizes soluble fertilizers, and detoxifies chemicals
  • Can be applied dry, or dissolved into a liquid foliar solution
  • Humates should be added to all nitrogen application as a chelator


Tri-Kelp - Soluble seaweed powder

  • A unique formulation of the most potent growth promoting seaweed species combined into one powerful, soluble, anti-stress growth promotant
  • Can be used in foliars, fertigation, as a seeding treatment, or as a rooting powder


Trio Foliar

  • A powerhouse for photosynthesis
  • Enhances plant products and functions
  • Contains calcium, magnesium, boron, nitrogen, kelp, and fulvic acid
  • Should be used as part of a comprehensive fertility program and applied as a foliar in rotation with Triple Ten


Triple Ten

  • Full spectrum hot mix NPK fertilizer with chelated trace elements and the natural growth enhancers of fulvic acid, seaweed, and vitamins
  • Gives crops enhanced stress tolerance and improved natural resistance to insect and disease pressure.

1L, 4L

TrueTurf Lawn

  • Organic, nutrient-rich fertilizer and growth promoter with natural weed control
  • Builds a thicker, greener, more vigorous lawn
  • Provides nutrients including calcium, micronutrients, carbohydrates, enzymes, amino acids, liquid oxygen, and growth stimulants

1L, 4L

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