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Organic Ali Baba Watermelon - HEIRLOOM - Vigorous plants produce 16-25 lb oblong fruit. Hard apple-green rinds are perfect for shipping and storage. Superb, sweet flavor with a fine-grained crisp texture. Ali Baba will win a spot in any melon lover’s heart! Unique skin and light on seeds. (Citrullus lanatus)

Days to maturity: 100 days

Organic Hale’s Best Muskmelon - HEIRLOOM - Heavy producer of oval-shaped muskmelons averaging 4-5 lbs each. Melons are heavily netted and slightly ribbed with juicy salmon flesh. This great variety has stood the test of time and is still loved by many for its old-fashioned melon flavor. Skin is thinner than most modern hybrids and does not hold up well to shipping. Good resistance to Powdery Mildew, and resistant to drought. (Cucumis melo)

Days to maturity: 86 days

Organic Heart of Gold Melon - HEIRLOOM - Heart of Gold is an aromatic, sweet, deep orange fleshed melon. Expect fruit to range in size from 14cm to 16cm (5-7") in diameter with a seed cavity that is relatively small. The rind is green with a heavily netted grey outer skin. Melons average 1.5kg (3-4lbs) weight at harvest.

Days to maturity: 75 days

Organic Sugar Baby WatermelonSugar Baby is a dependable variety that produces round watermelons about 20cm (8") in diameter and weighing roughly 4-5kg (8.8-11lbs). The flesh is crisp, red, sweet and juicy with very few seeds. The skin turns dark red when fully ripe.

Days to maturity: 75 days 

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