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Organic Evergreen Hardy Bunching Onion - Winter hardy Welsh onion. Reliably over-winters, even here in northern Vermont where temperatures can reach -30°F. May be sown all season long or over-winter for a spring treat. Divide clumps in second year to produce a new crop. Can be grown like an annual or allowed to develop into a dense patch. (Allium fistulosum)

Days to maturity: 65 days

Organic Red Wing F1 Hybrid Onion - The ultimate sandwich onion! Dark purple glossy skin with an interior ring that continues to develop during storage. Deeper purple than Red Bull, with a rounder shape. Uniform, large, round globes average 3-4”. Very hard bulbs are an indication of its excellent storage ability. Long day onion. (Allium cepa.)

Days to maturity: 118 days

Organic Walla Walla Sweet Onion - Reselection of the famous Walla Walla Spanish onion with increased uniformity and disease resistance. Light brown skin with white flesh that is very mild and sweet. Large round bulbs average 6” in diameter. The 2010 crop in our trials was unbelievable, holding out against disease far longer than other open-pollinated varieties. Plants are very upright and necks dry down nicely. A major improvement for this type of onion. Intermediate day onion. (Allium cepa.)

Days to maturity: 110 days

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