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Organic Nautic F1 Hybrid Brussels Sprouts - High disease resistance for a reliable crop. Nautic’s sprouts are spaced further apart along the stem, allowing plants to dry out quickly to avoid spread of disease and making it easier to harvest individual sprouts. Each sprout is tightly wrapped and averages 1” in diameter. Plants are vigorous and sturdy averaging 30” tall. (Brassica oleracea var. gemmifera)

Days to maturity: 120 days

Organic Golden Globe Turnip - A specialty turnip with beautiful golden color and delicate flavor. Our strain of Golden Globe is more tapered than globe shaped and has more of a carrot texture on the exterior skin. The quality and tenderness is best when harvested at 3”. Plants perform best in early spring or late summer to fall. (Brassica rapa )

Days to maturity: 55 days

Organic Miyashige White Daikon Radish - Popular Japanese daikon that can average 2-6 lbs each while remaining crisp and tender for pickling, fermenting or storage. Pure white with pale green shoulders when exposed to sun. Best grown for fall crop. (Raphanus sativus)

Days to maturity: 50 days

Organic Joan Rutabaga - This refined American Purple Top rutabaga has smooth, round, uniform roots. The dense yellow flesh is rather hard and crispy with a sweet, mild flavor that improves after frost. Perfect for a roasted root medley and other hearty winter dishes. Stores well into winter months. Highly uniform with good field resistance to Club Root. (Brassica napus )

Days to maturity: 90-100 days

Organic Burgundy Okra - Red-podded okra is not just for the South anymore! Red Burgundy has performed well in our trials in northern Vermont as well as in other northern locations. In general the reds are not as productive as the greens, but Red Burgundy is the most productive of all the reds. Pods can become 6-8” long and remain tender. Plants have beautiful red stems and red veining through dark green leaves, making them ornamental as well. (Abelmoschus esculentus)

Days to maturity: 65 days

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