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Organic Cascadia Snap Pea - The next best thing since Sugar Ann! Cascadia is a must-have main season variety. Heavy harvests of juicy, thick walled, 3” long pods. The pods get nice and plump with tiny, distinctively delicious peas. Bucket loads of perfect stringless pods on 3’ tall vines. Multiple disease resistances allow for spring and late season plantings. (Pisum sativum)

Days to maturity: 60 days

Organic Green Arrow Shell Pea - Big harvests! Green Arrow is a classic main crop garden pea bearing heavy yields of 4-5” slim, pointed pods. Two pods are borne on each stem making harvesting a cinch. Each pod is stuffed with up to eleven delicious peas. Plants are 24-30” tall. Excellent for freezing. (Pisum sativum)

Days to maturity: 68 days

Organic Laxton's Progress #9 - A leading garden pea with short vines and plump pods that hold dark-green peas of excellent quality. Small 15-20” plants produce heavy yields of 4-5” long pods, with up to nine peas per pod (hence the name). An improvement over the original Laxton’s Progress with a high resistance to wilt. (Pisum sativum)

Days to maturity: 60 days

Organic Sugar Daddy Snap Pea - A first-rate stringless snap pea for main-season crops. Determinate 24-30” vines need little support, producing stringless double pods at each node of the plant’s top for easy picking. Pods are 2.5-3.5” long with thick flesh. Developed over 25 years of research by Dr. Calvin Lamborn at Gallatin Valley Seed Co. High tolerance to Pea Enation Mosaic Virus. (Pisum sativum)

Days to maturity: 60 days

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