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Wallflower Hanging Saddle Fabric Planting Pot

Intended for outdoor use, the Wall Saddle Planter is an easy and fun way to garden vertically. Great for customers with limited space or anyone trying to make the most of any vertical space. Grommets are conveniently placed for easy attachment and secure tie-ons almost anywhere!

Approximately 3 gallon capacity in each of the 2 saddle pockets for a total of 6 gallon capacity in each Saddle Planter.

  • Weatherproof - lasts for years.
  • Garden on your patio, rail, fence or gate.
  • Perfect for growing edibles, annuals, and perennials.

Boxer Brown Root Pouch

Root Pouch's most rugged line, designed to be used season after season. Perfect for the great outdoors and hydroponic growing systems. 

  • Made of recycled water bottles and is available with and without handles. 
  • All seams and stitching are reinforced and done with an industrial strength stitch to answer the need for a stronger, sturdier bag.

Available Sizes: 1 Gal, 5 Gal

Root Pouch Fabric Pots

  • Root Pouch plant pots are more breathable and water-efficient, encouraging a more fibrous,
    dense root structure and preventing roots from circling. They also provide superior insulation,
    protecting plants against winter cold and summer heat.
  • Provide a more sustainable and environmentally sound alternative to plastic culture pots.
  • Can also be planted directly in the ground, where the pot will degrade to allow the roots to take hold in the natural environment.
  • Pots are washable and last for multiple seasons

Available sizes: 1 Gal

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