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Soil Amendments

Bulk quantities are available for all amendments and fertilizers.  Contact us for details.

0.30-0.04-0.20 Volcanic Minerals Plus Spanish River Carbonitite is a naturally quarried agromineral fertilizer and soil amendment.  It contains a wide spectrum of minerals which are mined from an ancient volcanic deposit in Northern Ontario.

  • Extremely reactive - quick results
  • Complex mixture of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, trace elements, and rare earths
  • Organically approved

Available in: 4.54kg, 20kg
Liquid Fulvic - Organic Fulvic Acid
  • Similar, but more intense than humic acid
  • Humates are the only known substance in the soil with the ability to hold onto every other nutrient, preventing nutrient leeching

1L, 4L

Liquid Humates - 12% humic acid

  • Get more from your fertilizer investments
  • Natural chelators that hold onto nutrients and water in the soil
  • Raises your soil's cation exchange capacity
  • Can be used as a soil amendment, foliar spray, or as a fertilizer enhancer

1L, 4L

Soluble Humate

  • Improves nitrogen efficacy, helps complex phosphate, stabilizes soluble fertilizers, and detoxifies chemicals
  • Can be applied dry, or dissolved into a liquid foliar solution
  • Humates should be added to all nitrogen application as a chelator


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