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Sprouts Or Microgreens?

One of the things we're asked frequently here at Take Back The Farm is, "is this for sprouting or microgreens?" To help you decide whether the seed you want for your salad is better to sprout or grow, we've devised this list. Many sprouts are suitable for sprouting and growing out as microgreens, but there are a few that prefer one or the other. This list can help you make the right decision!

Sprouting Only

Adzuki Beans

Ancient Eastern Blend
Crunchy Bean Mix
French Lentils
Mung Beans

Microgreens Only


Black Chia

Speckled Peas


Sprouting and Microgreens



Broccoli Brassica

Curly Cress


Oriental Mustard

Quinoa (Black)

Radish (Daikon)

Red Clover

Spring Salad

Sandwich Booster

Spicy Lentil Crunch

Sunflower (Black Oil)

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