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Organic Ronde de Nice - HEIRLOOM - Green with white speckling, these round zucchinis from the south of France have long been a fresh market favorite. Harvest when they are a bit larger than golf balls or even larger to stuff with your favorite filling. Best flavor is when 3-4” in diameter. Freezes well. (Cucurbita pepo)

Days to maturity: 52 days

Organic Spaghetti Squash - Fork out the squash pasta! This has to be baked or boiled before the fibers separated into long noodles, resembling spaghetti. A fun treat for the family with kid-friendly vegetable appeal. Oblong, medium-sized light yellow fruits have very sweet flesh. (Cucurbita pepo)

Days to maturity: 88 days

Organic Success PM Straightneck Summer Squash - A major breakthrough in open-pollinated summer squash. Prolific plants keep cranking right through powdery mildew season, producing smooth, uniform, and attractive fruit. In our 2004 trials, Success out-performed standard hybrids in total yield. Provided over three months of abundant, disease-free, harvest for the Intervale Community Farm CSA in 2008. Our stock seed has been carefully selected for yield and shape. First released by High Mowing Organic Seeds and the Cornell Vegetable Breeding Institute. (Cucurbita pepo)

Days to maturity: 50 days

Organic Table Queen Acorn Squash - Table Queen is an open-pollinated and highly popular acorn variety that bears 1.5 - 3 lb fruits. Vines are 3-4’ in length. Very vigorous and prolific, can withstand poor soil conditions and keeps very well. Flesh is a thick, pale orange with excellent flavor. Not as uniform or well shaped as Sweet REBA, but higher overall gross yields. (Cucurbita pepo)

Days to maturity: 92 days

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